Welcome to Eastern Belting & Cotton Mills (P) Ltd.

We are successfully offering to our clients Hair Belting, Nylon Belting and Polyester Air Slide Fabrics. Our Hair Belting is made of Hair (wool) and Nylon (Tyre Cord) in the warp and selected Cotton Yarn in weft and woven in Loom and then treated/ impregnated with bitumen-base compound.

We also manufacture Nylon Belting for power transmission. These Belts are for heavy duty drive made of High tenacity & abrasion resistant Nylon tyre yarn.

Polyester Drier Belting for Modern Rice Mill. These Belts are 100% Polyester having strength and is much lighter than rubber belting. These beltings are water proof and has much higher heat steam resistance.

We are price competitive, knowledgeable and always ready to give our clients value for money.


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